• Do you find Medicare confusing?
  • Could you use help navigating Parts A,B,C,D and MediGap?
  • Do you wish you had an independent Medicare advisor to help you review all of your healthcare options…with no cost or obligation?


My name is Jim Soucy and I’ve been in the Medicare business for 8 years. Collectively my team has helped over 5000 folks navigate Medicare and Social Security. We’re experts in this field and help dozens of folks just like you everyday. As independent agents we work directly for you – not the carrier – and are licensed to help you navigate to any carriers plan.

The most common question I get is – where do I start? Watch our – ABC’s of Medicare video it simple and short (1:09). If you’re still interested you’ll need to provide an email or phone number so we can contact you. Please note – none of this information is forwarded or sold to any third parties. Alternatively you can call us directly at 800-852-1981. Depending on your state we will then set up an appointment with a local agent or someone on my staff who will then help review your specific health care needs as it relates to Medicare.

ABC’s of Medicare

Medicare Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a cost for a Medicare Advisor?

There is no cost or obligation to you for our services.

When should I apply for Medicare. How old should I be?

The best time to reach out is 6 months before your 65th birthday. That gives everyone enough time to navigate.

Can I just call a health insurance company directly to sign up for Medicare?

Absolutely – You need to know that our licensed agents actually work for you – not the carrier and are able to review and recommend all the available plans for you in your state. Carrier representatives are licensed to only sell the products that they represent – its your choice who you work with.

What is open enrollment?*

Every year from the middle of October to the middle of December (open enrollment) we contact all of our current active clients and review carrier changes as well as any changes in your medication or overall health and make adjustments as necessary.

*There is no charge for this service – due to demand this service is unfortunately available to only clients that sign up with us at 65.